It’s eating, it’s learning, it’s growing, it’s fun. It’s something for everyone, and it’s free. Why not make a day of it? The 19th Annual Lake Superior Harvest Festival is Saturday, September 8, from 10 am to 4 pm.

For nearly two decades, the Lake Superior Chapter of SFA has put on this premier event, connecting producers and consumers.  Located in beautiful Bayfront Park in downtown Duluth, Harvest Festival features one of the best and largest farmers’ markets in the region, along with live music, delicious food, artisans’ wares, family activities, educational and informational exhibits, and more.  The best part is that it’s all locally focused, locally grown, and locally sourced.  Admission is free.

Fly a kite, pet a goat, get to know the St. Louis River or Lake Superior.  Listen to music and treat yourself to handmade craft items.  Eat something fresh and healthy (or maybe just a little bit indulgent). Learn about backyard composting or backyard chicken-raising. Dance around the maypole, talk about sustainability.  Most importantly, meet your neighbors-and meet the people who grow your food.

If you’re local, walk on over. If you’re from out-of-town, make a day of it or stay for the weekend. The 19th Annual Harvest Festival welcomes you!

For More Information,

Mailing Address:
Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association
310 Carlton Ave, PO Box 307
Carlton, MN 55718
phone: 218.393.3276 (393-FARM)

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